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    Video Switcher

    does anyone know of a nice analog [composite] NTSC-II/III switcher with at least 6 inputs that can handle chroma key [component required for key source is acceptable] and linear DSK? Looking to fit the control surface in/on a 6 - 8 RU desk, the switcher itself, if separate, can be as large as 12RU.
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    Hi Eric
    Dunno about eBay in the US but in Australia their "Professional Video" section has had a whole bunch of switchers on sale recently and they went for "peanuts" !!!

    Might be worth taking a look on eBay for one..If production facilities close down often people will buy just job lots of the studio gear and have no idea what it's worth and just hope for the best on may just get lucky???


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    Unfortunately we can't purchase anything from e-bay, and even if we could, we need this ASAP, eBay isn't exactly known for timeliness.
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    B&H does not have anything forr you?
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