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    Hello! Im an A level sudent, and as part of my media course i have to create a factual television programme for channel 4, aimed at males and females aged 13 - 18, this has to last for 10 minutes

    I have had an idea of basing my programme on "how to play the guitar" this will cover certain tricks, tips etc. I will also attend a gig for ispiration, and will include snipits in the programme. I will also cover the history and the "big" guitar players such as jimi hendrix etc.

    If anyone has any ideas at all, about what I can include (camera shots, audio etc)

    Please let me know

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    Sounds like fun. A few quick thoughts/suggestions....

    History and background is good, but I'd keep it short if the main theme is how to play. Do a quick overview of where the guitar fits into the big world of music. You could include quick shots of a guitar being played in different types of band/ensemble. Briefly mention different types of guitar, e.g. 12-string, bass, etc, and obviously different styles, e.g. classical, rock, etc.

    Describe the guitar's function in a musical group, e.g. what does a rhythm guitar do? Also describe what can be done solo.

    Start the instructional part by telling the audience what they are in for if they decide to learn the guitar. State briefly what they will need to learn (e.g. chord structure, strumming, etc). You could compare it in difficulty to other instruments and give some pros and cons of guitar vs other instruments.

    You can't teach everything in 10 minutes, so decide what things are most important. You might explain a couple of simple chords and techniques in detail, and provide an more general overview of the rest.

    Make sure the tips & tricks include general, easy-to-remember points. e.g. it's probably better to learn on an acoustic guitar before moving to an electric.

    Camera shots to include: Close-up down the guitar neck. Over a player's sholder to the guitar (i.e. point of view shot).

    It would be nice to include some quick comments and "tricks of the trade" from experienced or professional guitarists.

    Show what to look for in a good guitar, and purchasing tips.

    Recommend additional resources for those who are interested in learning, e.g. books, tutorial videos and websites.

    You've probably thought of this stuff yourself but I hope there's something in there you can use. Could you please keep in touch and let us know how you go? Good luck and enjoy the project.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks for all the info, thanks for your suggesting your ideas, they sound great. Its certainly given me some inspiration.

    Im wondering about filming on a locaton.... may have to take a trip to London and do a quick location analysis.

    Thanks again Dave


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