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    Website Review

    If you could all have a look at my companies new website and give me some feedback that would much appreciated.

    Thanks Rory
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    The design and layout is very nice.

    I don't think the entire header should be a link to the home page. When I click on the email address, for example, I expect it to be an email link. The information in the header looks like it would take me to a contact page.

    The video is fine although it took a while to start playing and the progress bar is a little confusing. When I see a progress bar and other controls I expect to be able to have some control, but there's no audio and the video is too short to "control". It took me a few seconds of my valuable surfing time to realise that it was just an animated header rather than a video to watch. I think it would be better without the controls at all.

    Other than that I can't fault it. Looks really good.
    Dave Owen

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    looks very good but try to add more green or orange

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    Good website

    Your website is very nice, not bad, U can use blue color blue shows professional look, and Menus not good looking, that's all,


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