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Thread: "base targets"

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    "base targets"

    "Note: Instead of specifying a target for each individual link, you can define a "base target" for an entire frame or page. This means that every link on the page will use the base target by default. Place the base target tag in the page's head."

    As you know i'm still a novice at this so i'm investing time consulting the tutorials available at, and so far i find them pretty clear though i'm not quite sure i understand this part quoted above, referring to targets. i think i could have a better notion if a practical example were given, for instance this same situation existing in a site online... thank you.

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    This is actually a request... please

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    target=blargle will throw it to frame blargle or a preexisting blargle or make a new blargle.
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    ... or if you use the tag: <base target="_blank"> all links will open in a new window. It's just the same as adding the target attribute to every single link in the page.

    Other options include:
    <base target="_self"> : Links open in the same window/frame.
    <base target="_top"> : Links open in the same window, replacing any frameset already there.
    <base target="_parent"> : Opens in the parent frame (if one exists).

    Or you can specify the name of a frame to target as tonsofpcs suggested.

    In most cases you wouldn't need to specify a base target. It's really only the sort of thing you'd want to use if you have a specific reason to do so.
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    ok, i get it. thank you.


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