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    Hey, new guy sayin hi and check out my studio!

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Great site you got here! I made a video showing off our facilities at the new tv studio. I also ask for input and advice in the video so please watch and let me know what you think!

    Youtube link

    We are almost finished building a new studio here at Natural Partners Inc. We have done 11 live shows so far and after this next one we will be starting season 2 of our show. really trying to step up our game. We are all Mac based and will soon be recording all our shows in high quality. right now they are only like 15 fps but still looks great for internet tv.

    you can see what we have done so far at the episodes get progressively better as we learned from experience. none of use have any kind of tv background so once again. please give input.


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    First off, Hi and welcome.

    Very nice. My setup is very similar but I'm using PC's instead of Mac's and my desk is a lot more messy!.

    Oh and my budget is "$0". I use what ever i can scrape together or make/modify myself.
    It's more of a hobby for me but i'd luv to have a go at using some of the gears that yourself, Dave and the other serious members of this forum use *drools*

    Cheers, westie.
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    welcome to the boards. Looks like your studio is on the way to being great.
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    THANKS! yeah, my setup at home consists of a logitech webcam, a radio shack shirt mic and a pc laptop. man its a lot more fun to buy stuff on the company dime!

    We just got the new G5 in and i have been doing test recordings all day. man, the lack of resolution with RCA is VERY obvious on a macintosh monitor. short of stepping up to HMDI or direct firewire stream im not sure if the quality can be improved though.

    We have received some feedback and it seems like for the video mixer and camera that these are the best for the buck.

    4 Channel video mixer with chroma key

    Sony FX1 HD camcorder

    so now i just gotta do a bunch of stress tests. work out the lighting, install a bunch of stuff and we will be ready to do our last episode of season 1 on wednesday.

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    Nice setup

    Looks like you're in business! Liked you introductory YouTube footage. Thanks for sharing -- I just picked up a G5 from a retiring vid, and I'm all nervous about getting it out of the box here. I don't have a film studio like you do, but I do have the "back shop" studio for editing and authoring DVDs. Looks like you're on your way! Good luck to you, and I'll be sure to put your site on MY Favorites list so I can pop in on a slow day and see what you're sending out there.

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    Welcome Harold. Like I said at Youtube, it looks like you guys are going to have a lot of fun. My favourite line was "I'm just a geek with lots of new equipment"

    I hear what you're saying about having a respectable-looking camera. IMO it matters. I think the FX1 is a good choice - I don't think you'll need the more professional features of the Z1U and the FX1 looks just the same to most people. You'll also find that it's a joy to use compared to a handicam. You can use one of these cameras to zoom while the shot is live but I wouldn't want to do that with a cheap camcorder.

    I see you're using iMovie to edit. If you're going to be doing a bit of post-production, you might find it's worth stepping up to (at least) Final Cut Express.

    I had a quick look at a couple of your archived episodes. My comments may be obsolete by now but here they are anyway...

    I think you should put some music over your opening titles. As well as giving a more "TV" look, it gives the viewer a few seconds to adjust their audio level before the talking begins. You don't want them to miss the first few sentences as they fumble for their volume control.

    At the beginning of the video you spend a long time on the host. To my eye the shot is a bit uncomfortable, especially with the two guests waiting for so long in the background. I'd prefer to see the introduction covered with a mid-shot of the host from the camera on the other side (Camera 1?). In fact this would be a better shot whenever the host is speaking, instead of making him turn towards the camera (camera 3?).

    The two-shot (camera 2?) is a little too front-on when the guest is speaking to the host (he's off camera). This camera might work better as the wide shot if possible, and you could use the side-on cameras for closer shots of individuals speaking. Of course this will work better with operators on the cameras but you could still do it with locked-off shots.

    How are you getting on with the idea of shooting over the heads of the audience? Have you considered raising the "stage" a little? I know you don't have a lot of room but it might be worth thinking about.

    The audio level fluctuates a bit but not too badly. Do you use a compressor? It also sounds a little muffled at times, and maybe a bit low resolution. If there's any chance of increasing the audio quality setting in the stream, I'd give that a try. Because the vision is fairly static you can afford to keep a relatively low bitrate for the video and maybe give a little love to the audio.

    All in all you're doing a great job. I hope you're getting plenty of viewers because I think you can do good things with this. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds.
    Dave Owen

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    dave that is some great advice. i cant wait to show it to my boss "the host". i knew it would be a good idea to post a thread here!

    Now that we have the new mac i have started using final cut express, i find the learning curve is a bit steeper but UGHH the new imovie was so horrible that it kinda gave me the push that i needed. I do love the fact that i can just import a whole livetype file instantly. I ran into an issue post production that was dissapointing though. i used and eyetv to capture the live show and compressed it to mp4. final cut express wouldnt let me import it. i had to go back and export from eyetv into a huge .mov file. but whatever. final product was 40 mins and 88mb so it worked out great. man the processing speed on the new g5 is so awesome.

    you are soooo right about the music. i have been thinking about it but i wouldnt even know where to start. all my music creation experience is with techno and i dont think that really fits the show. i'll get help for this.

    we just shot our first episode in the new studio and the camera angles sucked at first, but we got the hang of it and it looked great towards the end lol.

    as far as mics we now have wireless UHF shure mics and a really decent 8 channel mixer so it sounds much better. although tonight we have a mic lose power halfway through lol.

    Next week will be awesome. we are getting promoted through a couple channels so we hope to have more viewers. right now we just passed 112,000 live minutes viewed!

    thanks again. will be sure to post our next success. thanks again for the input and advice. i will definitely be heading back here when i need more of it!

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    Hi Harold,

    That was a pretty neat presentation and studio there. I run a post-production studio-cum-office without a multi-cam studio, so that's pretty neat stuff.

    You can get royalty music libraries CDs for music.

    Please do get lights. They will help especially the smaller JVCs for better images.

    A little more to add on for the host: Your boss needs more pre-studio practice and remember some facts about his guests (it matters), keep his lines crisp and to the point...
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