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    Sound Systems

    Does anybody know a good place where I can buy a good sound system for Professional Wrestling events? Our events are going to be in buildings the size of a gymnaisium or convention hall. Nothing too large, something to hold 1,000 or just a little over. So I was wondering if there was a rather good place where I can purchase a good sound system and everything. I will be running the entrance music off of my laptop. Thanks for the help.

    I know this sounds like something that I could simply do myself but I don't trust myself enough to go out and spend the money on these things on my own without getting an opinion from somebody who has more experience in it so I don't end up buying some bad products. Thanks for the help!

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    What are the requirements for the system?
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    I would wholeheartedly recommend

    Give them a ring, explain what you need and they'll quote you a decent price. They saved me 300 on a 2000 package a couple of months back, also their cabs rock!!!!

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    just get as many jbl ions as needed to be loud enough and get a decent firewire mixer, probubly an alesis multimix firewire. That would get you out quickly. $200 for the mixer. The speakers will cost more. you can on the lower end get some behringer speakers for $120 on ebay. I would advise you getting powered speakers so you don't have to buy a rack for amps. I've heard two jbl ions fire enough power for a wrestling tournament, so thats pretty good speakers for $300 each I believe *that might be a used price, i think*.

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    Wait, re-read it.

    Good place?

    Ebay thats the best place for sound gear. good and cheap


    I like sweetwater. They got some good prices and consultants.

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    Musicians friend/guitar center


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    There are lots of places, but it comes down to the gear you choose because they all have some pretty crappy options along with their good ones.

    JBL eons would be great, 300 is a used price and may be hard to find them at that price, but check around. I put 4 eons on sticks at the corners of a ring for a boxing event every year... there isn't a huge requirement for play-on music at that event, but the eons would cover it pretty well if they needed it in my opinion


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