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    Mic Feedback in the Movies

    In the movies, every time someone goes up to a microphone to speak in public the mic gives a short burst of feedback or some other stupid noise. Why do they do this? Is every sound technician in the movies incompetent?

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    Hehe. I know what you mean, it bugs the #### out of me too!

    This is a script device which does actually serve a purpose. It tells the movie audience that the character has approached a live mic which is working correctly, so everything they are about to say will be heard by all the other characters in the movie. Although this should normally be obvious anyway, it's a subtle cue to make sure we all understand what's happening.

    Personally I don't actually find it that subtle - I find it quite blunt and lazy. Especially since every time a character approaches a mic you just know it's going to make that noise. To me it hurts the flow and believability by reminding me that I'm watching a movie. But I'm sure it works as intended for most movie-goers.
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    That reminds me of the time I was running sound for a theatre play. A quick feedback began and ended. I scrambled to the mixer to try to fix it and luckily someone saw me and let me in on the fact that it was in the sound byte. The actor was indeed approaching the mic, beginning to talk.


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