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    Live Sound Power Amp Hookup question

    We are a cover band that is having some problems with our power amp to speaker configurations. I have a few questions as to what the best setup would be for the equipment we are using. We are running a QSC 2450 Power Amp to 2 Yamaha CW118v (8 Ohm) Subwoofers. Currently we have Channel A going to one Sub and Channel B going to another Sub. We have been told that the amp we have will run both our subs and our Peavey SP-2 Mains if we configure the amp correctly. Is this a possibility and is there a risk of damaging either the speakers or the amp by running this configuration. We don't have anyone that is specifically dedicated to running our sound, so we need a little technical advice on this subject. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    My first question would be "what are you using to drive your SP-2's at the moment?"

    From what I understand from your posting, you are driving your subs with the 2450 (one channel for each sub), and your SP-2's with another amp. Is this correct?


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