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    300 to 72 and back again!

    Hello all!

    A question concerning Photoshop.

    If I have a 300dpi file and I resize it to 72dpi for e-mailing purposes. If the other person resizes it back to 300dpi on their end, is there loss? Especially when it comes to printing...

    It seems to me there would be for anything that's not 'vector' (like text or shapes).

    Thanks in advance

    D out ITNOJ

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    Yes, there would be a loss for any type of bitmap (non-vector) image.

    BTW, DPI is really a print media measurement. It's not normally used when referring to screen resolutions. Screen resolution is measured in pixel size , e.g. 1000x800 pixels, or a certain total number of megapixels.
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    nuff said dave
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    shahin samaei

    You are confusing DPI with Pixel, if you reduce the pixel size, you cant get the same image back by increasing the pixels again (at least not as good) there are ways to improve on it but never as good as the original. DPI is Dot Per Inch & has to do with the print resolution.


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