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    Converting NTSC to PAL mode

    One of my junior edited a full video project in Ntsc mode. It was a mistake. I need the output in Pal.
    We do the editing in Edius. In that project I can't change it in pal setting.
    It is too difficult & time consuming for me to start it again from the beginning in pal mode.

    I made an avi file and imported it in a pal project & made print to tape.
    It was -off focused.

    Is there any easy way to convert my project in PAL mode instead of NTSC?

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    Hi Modak

    Almost all NLE's should be able to mix and match footage and also render it to either pal or ntsc. If the file is already made (in MPEG2 I assume) it's unwise to try to render it in another format. Re-rendering MPEG video will most definately give you a quality loss due to the compression method used in creating MPEG files.

    Rather redo the project in your editor (I use Sony Vegas which not only allows me to render in either pal or ntsc but also mix pal and ntsc clips and then render out in the desired format!)
    Just remember that it's not a true conversion (with pal, the editor trims the number of frames from 29.9 down to 25 so you actually lose 5 frames a second) This can make hi-motion shots a little jumpy.


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    chris is right.

    Any, well almost any, NLE is going to let you import, export, and edit with a mix of footage
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