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    I`m a n00b at graphics...please help.

    Hy there guys

    As the title says I`m a n00b at graphics but I really wanna make a signature pic for a forum and the thing goes like this.

    I have a .gif animation and I wanna make it with a transparent background so then I can put it on another pic. I know there are a couple of topics on this subject but I don`t understand anything.

    Some1 told me how to put the animation on another pic, so I know this part.

    I`ve split the animation into pics and saved them as .bmp and .png so I have two sets of pics. I`ve also downloaded Adobe PS CS3 and Corel PS Pro.

    I`ve tried couple of things but nothing seems to work. The question is: can I replace the background pf the pics just like you replace a color in Windows Paint. I mean can I take the pic, put it in one of those programs, select pen, select transparent color and then replace the color pixel by pixel till only the main character remains in the pic, and then save it ?!?!!?

    The problem is that the character in the animation is small ad I think this is the best way to do it for keeping the quality of the character.

    I know it`s a lot of work and I`m willing to do it but some1`s gotta help me out with this dam transparent background.

    Hope you understand what I`m trying to say and maybe some of you guys can give me a solution.


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    looking into it...

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    ok, in PS select the pen tool and draw around the contour of the 'character' (png). make sure that in the layers palette your image is a floating layer (as opposed to Background). To do this just click 2x on your layer, hit OK in the dialog box that appears.
    After you have completed drawing your path around the 'character', go to the paths palette (Window menu/paths to open it in case it's not visible). In here click 2x on the workpath you've just created and hit OK in the dialog box that opens. There are 5 little icons at the bottom of this palette, choose the one in the middle, this will convert your path into a selection. Now you go to the Select menu, Inverse, and hit delete on your keyboard to discard the background u want to get rid of. Remember to finally deselect the image (Select menu/ Deselect). Hope this helps...


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