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    Save your Money

    I can tell you this from apoint of view of a person who has been in printing business for many years. Buy yourself an HP 4700 laser printer. This printer is great. You will be able to design your own covers & insert them into a DVD holder or print them on a label stock & stick them to the box. This will.
    1- cost Cost (on a long run.
    2- more control over the final product.
    3- you can customize each box with individuals name, uncle Tom or Aunt sally, etc.
    4- you do not need to wait for a printer to do this for you or have to get a minimum order that would be too much for you

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    wedding dvd case

    How about those wedding dvd case?
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    DVD holder ejector built into Photo frame

    if your looking to present your DVDs in a new modern way have a look at this link something different.

    case Wedding Photo Frame and built-in DVD Holder on eBay, also, Photo Frames, Decorative Items, Home Garden (end time 14-Dec-08 19:16:59 GMT)

    Item number: 110324114385

    Photo frame with built in DVD Ejector
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    That is indeed a novel idea!!!
    I am assuming that the device is a digital photo frame so you could also load up pics of the bride and groom and the DVD sits in the back???

    I also found on eBay USA a neat DVD that has 100 PSD templates for disks and 100 templates for covers for a mere US$19.99

    Has anyone used these templates or know of any other templates for other software?? After editing a wedding video you really don't want to sit for a couple more hours designing the cover and templates would make life a lot easier!!


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    not this particular one but we do have them aswell. its a break away from handing out the normal case to the bride groom.

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    Hi Conor

    I eventually found them on eBay UK ..yes I now see it's a standard frame with the DVD pocket in the back.
    However I never found Digital Frames with pockets for a DVD but yes, a Digital Photo Frame would be great to include in a wedding package! I actually also put a shortened version of the ceremony on my server for the couple

    A lot of new frames also handle video too so that would be a nice touch and something I haven't seen offered extensively!! It would be simple to factor the extra cost into your package price too!! For the sort of resolution that these frames have a bunch of screen captures from the video could make up a nice little slideshow for the frame (and of course, you make sure that you put a little advertising in it as well!!)


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    dvd photo frame

    exactly glad you like the idea. If you were to display the frames in your shop when talking to bride and groom there gonna say whats that then, i want that instead of dvd case few extra pounds for yourself aswell!! every little helps

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