Hello (live)streamers,

My name is Remco en this is my first post on this forum.

For my, I hope, future employer I have t write a paper on monitoring Windows Media Services.

To see if I am on the right track I would like to ask you all some questions:

What components of WMS would you monitor?

I myself am thinking about:

- Upstream/downstream bandwidth
- Publishing Points
- User count
- System resources
- Running WMS services
- Logging analysis

Am I on the right track or am I missing a few things? The paper must be specificly about monitoring WMS so monitoring of the server itself is not neccecery.

What tools would you use for monitoring WMS? I found a couple of tools, for example: Windows Media Services Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager. Is this a good tool or can you recommend other, maybe better tools?

The questions are not all work related because, every friday, we livestream from: http://www.heliora.nl (19:00 GMT+1).

Thanks in advance for your posts!

Grtz Remco

p.s. Sorry for my crappy Englisch, just a silly Dutchman