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    Mini DV to VCD Conversion + help

    Hi Dave,

    Need some help, i've just got a New Sony DCR HC 30E Handycam, have been using it alot lately, now i have about 15 mini DC dics that need to be converted to VCD's however i am not sure how to go about doing the same, Could you please tell me what are the requirements that would be needed .. i mean i know the procedure however i cannot understand how the Camcorder gets connected to the PC. i tried it with the help of the USB cable however it does not work, Do i need to connect it thru the AV plug, i think it works that way however i dont see a socket on the PC for the same. What hardware do you need to the PC, any help with be appreciated.

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    First of all, as far as I know the HC30 is in MiniDV tape camera but you say you have dics (disks maybe??) If you have a DVD camera then editing is not recommended!! If your 15 units are in fact MiniDV tapes, then you will need to capture them from the camera via the firewire connector. Look in your manual to read about it. You will need a firewire cable and a firewire card for your computer.

    Give us an update and we can help some more


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    Yo Man, its a Tape and not a Disc, sorry for the confusion.

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    Great!! Ok now you need to check if you computer has a firewire card in it (some are built in) otherwise you need to get one along with a fire wire cable. Plug the cable into the camera's firewire (Sony call it iLink) port after the computer has been switched on and your card should detect the camera.
    If you don't have any editing software then just use Windows Movie Maker which is already on your machine (Part of Win XP)



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