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    Audio for video, delivery format ?

    Hello everyone,

    First, i am sorry about my poor english writing since it is (obviously) not my first language.

    I am planning the set-up of a project surround studio which i intend to use for small audio for video post-production works. Being new at that type of production and limited by a tight budget, i am not sure as to what gears i should buy for transferring audio tracks i will receive from futur video production clients into my mac audio sequencer software (Motu DP5).

    I mean what format do producers mainly use. Are most of them recording on HI-8 tapes. If so what machine do you suggest i buy : Da-88, 38, 78, 98, 98HR (98HR are quite expensive and it’s hard to find a used one at a price that meet my tight budget)? Also, what sample rate and bit depht are they mostly using for track recordings?

    The ideal way to go would certainly be to buy all formats available on the market, but i am trying not to spend more than 4 or 5 thousands US $ for the purpose of reading and recording back audio tracks for video.

    I thank you for taking the time to answer such basic questions, but i have a hard time finding answers from experienced people in my vicinity !

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    Hello everyone,

    Maybe my english writting is worst than i tought, so i'll try to rephrase my question in order to make it understandable ! In fact, it's more like 2 separate questions.

    This question is adressed to you, audio post-production specialists.

    1. What format do you mostly receive your customer's video recordings on ?

    2. What equipement type and brand are you using to play those videos and (if applicable) further transfer it into your mac computer video capture software (like FCP or Première) or into your digital audio sequencer software (like DP5, Emagic, Pro-Tools and alike) ?

    Thanks in advance for your help !


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    Hello Roberto and welcome to the forum,

    I don't think it's so much as your English being a problem. May be it's just a lack of information on both sides.

    I'm in the cablecast industry and I cover many things but I don't necessarily make decisions as to what format to follow (I can only recommend) or rather create from scratch. Usually most will follow (as best as possible) current industry and create niches (with special equipment) as to whom we/they deal with.

    We receive Digibeta and DVCam (and on rare occassions BetaCam SP). It's all ingested via Final Cut Pro HD and lives digitally. After final editing, it is laid back to Digibeta. In the event there is a need for audio sweetening, only the audio is ingested for Pro-Tools. Our audio operator does his magic and reinserts the audio tracks back to Digibeta.

    That is the normal routine until we add High-Def. Basically the same principle with minor changes of work flow and with different tape decks.

    That's what it's like in my little world.
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    Thanks a lot, SC358 for taking the time to post this informative and very helpful answer to my interrogation !


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