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Thread: JPG to FLV/SWF

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    JPG to FLV/SWF

    How can I join several JPG's into a single FLV/SWF file? Is it posible to serve them (JPG's) on the fly using FLV/SWF files?

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    It is possible to do that with an MJPEG. The Motion JPEG, or MJPEG, is a video adaptation of the JPEG standard for still photos. It treats a video stream as a series of still photos, compressing each individually, with no interframe compression. Because it uses no interframe compression, it is ideal for editing.

    Other than that, you could create a flash video, importing your images and saving it as a slideshow - You can use Macromedia Flash for that, or the simpler way to do it is to buy SwishMax at

    Check into Imtoo FLV Converter.


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