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    Playing parts from bigger streaming RM-video

    hi all,

    on my site i have a big (450MB- 45 min) presentation-RM-video. Now i want to show a certain part out of that movie by a link. So the link has to open the Real-video an only play that part i want (f.i. from 00:05:12 - 00:12:20).
    I've heard it should be possible but i don't know how to do it.....please can somebody help me? Otherwise i have to make alot of parts and that will cost me too much webspace.

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    There are two things you can do, 1, use javascript to play only a section of the media, or far easier you could use 2, Real Media Editor (shipped with RealProducer) and just edit the in and out point and save as a new file.

    Let me know if this helps, cheers


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