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Thread: Tripod Decision

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    Hey all,

    I'm new to the boards and had a question about tripods. I'm on the lookout to buy one and don't really know what to look for. Anything is going to be better than I have now (those cheap, plastic $30 ones).

    I have a Sony HDR-SR5 camera, so it's pretty small. How much should I expect to pay for a decent to good tripod? I want something in the range of around $100 - $150, but the lower the better. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what a good tripod is?

    I just really don't know what to look for and don't want to get ripped off.


    i think the most important you should do is to find the one just most fit your camera

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    Hmm Chris, are you using Stanley's or something along that line? Sounds like it. Besides the legs, the other weak link for lower end models lies between the base plate and quick release catch. It gets a little 'loose' after a period of usage.

    A Miller or Sachtler is certainly fantastic, most delightful to work with. Unless we can pick a bargain, perhaps in Kaw's case, most of us will not bat another eyelid once the pricetag sinks deep onto our minds.

    I still believe in value for money, but also quality with a pricetag!

    A practical suggestion
    photoshopmagician, with the present camera, if you know that the tripod of your price range can
    [1] hold the weight of the camera and more,
    [2] has a steady and smooth head for tilt/pan (up and down, left to right movements) action without too much trouble trying to loosen the screws/knobs to do so,
    [3] steady legs (as long as it's not 'jittery'],
    [4] extends to your desired height,
    [5] weight is okay for yourself (some like heavy, others not really),
    get it. Otherwise, DIY!

    A fluid head is out of your budget, even a used one. My five cents' worth.
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    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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