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    User Accounts

    I've just started work on a website (, and I can't find anything on how to create user accounts/login scripts. Is there a tutorial somewhere, or is this something that I'm going to have to hire out for someone to do (my website knowledge is incredibly basic)?
    I'm trying to create a way for viewers to comment on the material.

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    I recomends PHP script!

    I think is a gud idea to use php scrips becuase is an open source, but depends on the type of site you are designing. If you're hosting on Linux plat form i am highly recomending PHP script for you. If you need the scripts just contact me i cant arrange it for you.


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    All though this would be a late answer..

    Go open a blog.. technorati, wordpress, typepad, blogger, these are able to meet your needs. Beyond this part would also be beyond your level as a developer with no experience.

    As for hiring, make the design, be the architect, and have others, say, the engineers build it for you. There are plenty of companies and individuals around Boston area. Making formal visits to the companies introducing yourselves to their managing directors to learn about their toughts - solutions and experiences, and to take their preaches, won't hurt - believe in me... you're not living at an isolated and desperate place provided that you're connected, and your city have numerous public libraries with great study halls and decent books - In MA area you have plenty of them! how can you NOT reach a solution to something (of course without really trying to do it) sounds terribly awful

    Know that knowledge is variable - you can improve it by learning and studying it, and testing ... in time it can become obsolete, it can be abandoned, it can be forgotten and then re-learned, even it can be exchanged with another one; nevertheless it can never be a reference point or a measurement to any kind of reputation (*other than deception).. endeavor and strive makes the difference.

    Go make your own ones, (stop saying I couldn't finds ) trust me you'll see you'd sound different afterwards.

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    Tutorial for Creating a User Account with VBScript is good tutorial,you can see it'detail from


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