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Thread: Stop-Loss

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    I was going to go see this movie with my friends when it opened this weekend, but we didn't end up going. I'm debating whether it's worth the cash or not--the reviews weren't amazing, but then, it's got Channing Tatum in uniform and shooting up some people, how can it NOT be bad?
    Anyone seen it?

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    Johnson Nguyen
    It actually looks like a pretty good movie. I wouldn't really rely heavily on film critics because they tend to be too judgemental in my opinion. We should really focus on what we think. Like how I AM LEGEND had mixed reviews about it's performance but I think some of the critics were biased because one: he just did the pursuit of happyness and it was an awesome movie, and critics expected something of that magnitude, two: he did an action plot already (will smith) in I-ROBOT. let's not compare and indulge ourselves in what we think is good! i'd go see the movie though..hahah got off track


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