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    Protecting Images on the Web

    I have a quick question for anyone. I am using photoshop cs2 to create web albums of about 200 pictures a day. I love the ease of it, but I don't like the viewers to be able to save the photos on their hard drive. Is there a way for me to protect these images so if they right click on the image they wont be able to save it. Does anyone else have a better idea of how to create web photo galleries as easy that looks better and has the protection I need? Thanks


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    A good question which unfortunately doesn't have a good answer. The bottom line is that any image a user sees on your website is already on their hard drive - it gets copied to their hard drive before they see it. So there is no way to completely prevent this from happening.

    Various workarounds are usually suggested. The first is to use JavaScript to disable right-clicking. However this is a very bad idea IMO, as it will not deter people who want to steal your stuff and it is very annoying for everyone else.

    You could try putting your images inside a slideshow created with Flash, which would make them harder for people to steal. Of course this would only work if a slideshow is appropriate.

    Next, you could try to make the quality of the images poor enough that no-one will want to steal them, but still good enough for viewing on your web page. Sometimes this can work but it's not usually a compromise you'd want to live with.

    Finally, you could watermark your images with a logo or something faintly superimposed on the image. This makes them viewable but pretty much useless to anyone else. I'd say this is the most popular option for photographers.

    So there you have it - my ideas at least. Remember the bottom line - if a visitor can see your image, they can steal it. That's it in a nutshell.
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    just an advice for the future- you can add logos and watermarks to your video using some tools, for example, one of them is VidLogo-actually, not bad and supports a lot of graphic formats.

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    Re: Protecting Images on the Web

    I think watermarking is effective way on protection your videos and images. There are many video editing programs that have such ability. Personally I use Watermark Master. I like it so far.


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