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    Compareing MARANTZ with YAMAHA Stereo Receivers

    I would like to know how the MARANTZ SR-4021 compares with the YAMAHA RX-497 Stereo Receiver?

    Which one would you go with?

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    Wow - tough choice!

    Actually I like both. I see more Yamaha in the stores than Marantz. If I did have my choice at this time, I'd pick the Yamaha, only because I currently have Yahama speakers.

    In my younger days I had a Marantz Gold series receiver (just don't recall which model) and was paired with Boston Acoustics. I was too stupid back then to just either buy the parts for repair or have someone else do it. It just sat around and rusted....
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    Since I posted last I begin to look at the MARANTZ SR-4002 and would like to know if I would be better off getting that one for my HDTV and DVD player than I would get the 5 DISK CD RETREVER MARANTZ CC-4001?


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    stereo vs. surround

    Stereo vs. surround depends on whether you're going to go ahead and hook up 5 speakers. There's more money and a lot more work involved in setting up surround sound. Speaker placement and room arrangement is a lot more critical. One of the consumer electronics groups did a study and found that when people buy a home theater in a box, most of the time they never bother hooking up the surrounds.

    But if you're up to it, surround is where it's at, as we boomers used to say. Very few movies have the surrounds mixed properly, but those that do are spectacular. Also, with a live concert recording, being in the midst of the audience is unforgettable.


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