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    trying to learn sound recording and design


    i'm trying to learn how to sound record and eventually sound design for film and television. Unfortunately, where i live there are no schools for this kinda stuff, so i thought the best way would be to get some sort of device, go out into the real world and start recording sounds then muck around with them on my mac. the question i have is what sort of device would you suggest for this kinda stuff? i was thinking maybe just a portable minidisc recorder, with a small mic, like the Sony ECM-MS907 Unidirectional mic, and then somehow connecting it to my mac and getting some software to mix it with... does anyone have any suggestions or advice in regards to this, like if md is the best way to go, or go for dat, and the kinda of equipment or software that might be good? any advice would really be appreciated.


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    I think you have a good plan. If you eventually want to get serious about sound then you'll want to have experience with different formats, so I would go with something like minidisc to get started.

    You've already got a Mac - that's a good thing for soundies.

    At this stage I would recommend spending more money on microphones than the recording device. I don't think it will make a lot of difference whether you are recording on minidisc or DAT for your learning, but the type and quality of microphones will make a difference.

    All the best.
    Dave Owen

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    thanks for your reply dave... sorry to be a pain but just as an additional question, i've heard that portable mp3 devices can be quite good as well, as it's easier to muck around with the files on a computer. any thoughts?

    thanks again


    (this question is open to anyone by the way, if you want to throw your 2 cents in. thanks.)

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    I just bumped into this forum from another audiophile site. You need to check out the Creative Nomade Juke box 3. It is marketed as a Mp3 player but it can record as well and even 16 bit 44.1 mhz WAV files directly onto a hard drive. It interfaces with a computer with usb or fire wire. I've been using a minidisk for feild recording for a few years and am super excited about the JB3, the quality is far superior. For more information (than you can probably handle) check out


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