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    What to expect the first time through?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm fairly new to making (decent) amatuer movies. My friends and I are all interested in making a short movie. We'll /probably/ write the script, though we may just take one off of the internet, depending of course. I've shot movies before, but they were horrible. I hardly ever put any time into them and the only time I spent editing was throwing together some crappy menu and throwing the scenes together for school projects.

    Well, this time around I'm interested in putting effort into it. I'm a decent photographer, so I know all of the rules applying to that, and I know some of those carry over (Rule of Thirds, etc.). I'm just curious as to what I should be expecting my first time through, what are the common mistakes made by beginners, how much time should go into editing, etc.

    I've run through pretty much all the tutorials regarding Premiere Pro (I have the master CS3), and I know that learning to use these programs can be /really/ hard to do. Are there any good books for Premiere/After Effects or online tutorials sites I should look at?

    I appreciate any help!


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    Hi DarkDwarf
    You probably don't even need a tutorial if you pay attention to what you are filming. If you do still need a tutorial then try to find a "quickstart" one that will just give you the basics so you can get up and running quickly.

    Yes, Photographic Rules do apply to video (I was a pro photographer for many years prior to video) but remember that you are now working with sequential images that must still have flow and pace as opposed to just one image with photography. Watch out for jump cuts between shots (make sure a subsequent shot is at another angle and size otherwise it will appear to jump around on the screen)

    I have a very basic video hosted on Metacafe with the essentials on it at:

    It's worth a quick look to gather some basic facts



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