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    Which camcorder should I buy?

    Hi guys.
    Please help me to choose good camcorder.
    I have the budget of $600-650
    I have never used camcorders before, but now me and my wife are waiting for our first child and we want to buy good camcorder to save such great moments of the life, as first child's steps, first words etc..
    I have read tons of camcorders reviews in the web and found this model:
    Canon HG10.
    It has very good score (9.7 out of 10) and placed on 2nd place at TestFreaks' rating ( - ).
    More than that it cost $639, so it's okay for my pocket.

    Professionals, please let me know does Canon HG10 is good enough camcorder for my needs or maybe you will suggest me something else?
    Waiting for your replies.

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    First of all decide whether you are going to want to edit your footage, either now or in the future. If you just want a record of your baby and he or she growing up so you can film and watch then probably a DVD Camcorder would be more to your liking. You can simply film onto a mini DVD disk and then watch the result in your DVD player. No editing, no software no hassle.

    If you need to edit your footage then it's a different story. Probably a Mini DV tape machine is about your best bet and some appropriate editing software. Make??? All the major manufacturers are good. Choose essentially between Canon, Sony, Panasonic or JVC. I prefer Panasonic but that doesn't mean that Sony are no good!! Choose a camera that feels comfortable in your hands and is easy to use and suits your needs.



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