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    Quicktime and Web Design

    I have a Quicktime movie I'd like to use in a web page. I am a newbie when it comes to web page building. Will I be better off converting Quicktime's .mov format to something else? I've heard horror stories about using QT!

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    Personally I've never had a lot of luck with Quicktime, but I also think you'd be unlucky to have a "horror story" with it. It has its quirks and annoyances but it's not that bad. If you have a well-encoded clip it can perform very nicely.

    Rather than convert exclusively to a different format, can you make more than one option available? EG. If you provide both Quicktime and Windows Media you'll satisfy most people and be able to compare performances.
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Quicktime and Web Design

    Thanks Dave for the prompt reply. However, as I said I am rather a newbie and though I am doing well setting up the regular pages - it is not so easy for me when it comes to video. I can't even figure out how to set up a viewer's choice of using either Quicktime or WMP!


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