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    Help needed from New york

    Hi! Gurus,

    I am a freelance videographer, I have learned and still learning video technics from the tutorial on my pace, But sometimes i feel dvd tutorial is quite limited. So now i prefer to take some specific course about video shooting technics and operating not only to learn but also to get certificate. Because sometimes client prefer my education about video shooting.

    So,I would be glad if you shower to me your guidance.

    Thanks a lot and pleasure to have this wonderful forum.


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    Welcome to Media College Tibet,
    I can't speak for anybody that participates here, but we try to help as best as we can. So have a drink, pull up a chair and feel free to ask or give your views.

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    Chris has lots of great stuff on his site

    Lots of information, tutorials, articles and the like at, check it out. Everything from lighting to staging, editing and lots more, plus some great free motion backgrounds and DVD templates too.

    Here are some more articles that have lots of information
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    hey NY-er

    i'm in NY also own my own production co. and would love to hear more about you- where you are and what kind of work you do!


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