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    any experienced producer here

    Hi guys,
    any experienced producer here?
    I am looking for sponsors for my projects and I'm getting the we have just spent our last sponsor dollar for the Olympic team, are you experiencing the same or is it just the economy down turn, that we are facing
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    not too sure what you are talking about, but i have not had that much trouble getting funding for my newest project. Does your project have something to do with the olympic team?
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    Ask them when they budget for next year, call them a month before that, and get them to add sponsorship for you into their budget.
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    Thanks guys

    Hi guys,
    thanks for the replies,
    No my project does not have anything to do with the Olympic,
    this is my sponsors proposal script
    the game show that I am going to put together will,
    create a instant buzz within the market that sponsor is in,
    for 13 weeks that the show is on the sponsor will
    1. a banner that will be displayed prominently during the show,
    2. a 8 second clip of their team that is going to play in the finals, doing various move,
    3. a spot( just before the finals), playing another team,full game,
    4. lead up to the game will be the question 'how will team VW fare in the finals'
    beside being sponsors, they are part of the show

    be well
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