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    Enquiry on Video Format Conversion

    Hey everyone, I am new in this forum . I been asked by company on trying to find a solution for our client on video uploading website which is similar to Youtube . This website is to allow general users to upload video formats of AVI, MOV, Mpeg4, FLV which able to format by itself to Flash format. I understand that Youtube has the ability to accept those video formats and able to convert to Flash format but I was wondering what technology would they use to do the conversion. Surely it will be a server-side conversion but does anyone know what software technology does the video format conversion to Flash? would appreciate if anyone who has the knowledge to share this. Many thanks

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    Hey, Check out they do all types of conversions, specifically geared towards flash.

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    I'm not sure what they use now, but when they started, they used ffmpeg and videolan (vlc).
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    You could check out one of these websites:

    Easyflv or streamingflv

    Either of these sites has the perfect streaming video software which eleviates any embedding problems, it's also simple to use and you can add your own redirect links at the end of videos, create mulyiple trasck video players and add watermarks but to mention as few of the config possibilites.

    Oops, have to mention you can create your own videos in various window sizes including wide screen dimensions. All in all a great package.

    Get their free flash video converter.


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    As I have already mentioned in another post, I adivse buying programs off this site highly as it's reasonably priced and it gets everything done without fail. Also as imarketed said don't forget to download the free flv converter, well worth the download


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