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    The original configuration was done with borrowed parts. I purchased everything and the setup is almost the same:

    - 1/8 to 1/4 stereo adapter
    - mono 1/4 inch cable
    - DB-1 direct box
    - XLR to 1/4" TRS Connector

    The only difference is the last cable is a regular microphone cable.

    The sound is real good. I just have to turn things up to match the level of the other components.

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    you should be using
    with a rca cable to 1/8 to plug into the headphone jack that the right way to hook it to a pa system for the best sound

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    if you want better quitly sound

    us fiber auiled wired not the cheap stuff your talking about im about wire that cost $30 to $50 a paice with 24 kt ends there there hard find your better off just making them your self if you know how to solder

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    Quote: Bassred
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    A direct box will help in that it will change the signal to a balanced line, but it'll only do one channel..and if you are right in the booth with the equipment you might not need it, ther are no RCA's open? Is there a CD player you could unplug while you are there?? Are you running in stereo (like is there actual pan/separation in the output and speakers) or mono? THey do make PC DI's (WHirlwind) and I'm sure f you go to,, etc they'll have some solutions for
    Here is a great DI Box that should work fine...

    check it out and good luck..


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    Hi Everyone.
    I have been working with our unruly live audio system at the Middle School where I live, and in that setup they built the rack into the wall and, get this, soldered the equipment in. So now no one can access anything there. There is one xlr input, unfortunately.

    Here's my solution to this issue.
    LiveWire direct box connected to xlr jack
    2 1/4 jack to RCA type adapters
    RCA to 1/8 jack cord
    Ta-da you can play music from laptop and it will group both channels to mono!

    To use with a mic:

    LiveWire direct box connected to xlr jack
    2 1/4 jack to RCA type adapters
    rca-rca cord
    Standard audio mixer that the school has, unfortunately it is old and the company name is worn off, as are the other labels
    xlr to mic
    RCA to 1/8 jack cord for laptop!

    Hope this was helpful!
    Student Manager, *HS auditorium.

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