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Thread: basic radio..

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    basic radio..

    hello all, I'm new looking for advice,suggestions about where to begin putting together a very basic radio broadcasting station..that can be created easily..?..I'm seekng a virtual assistant for this project, maybe outsourced from India...but any interest or suggestions will be gratefully recieved......
    Like I just want to begin broadasting a tool for community cohesion within the town and villages in my locality.....Surely I don't have to go and study 2 whole years of radio theory..and technical merely access the very simple basic would take to fast track this thing into existance.......?

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    Do you want to broadcast over the air or stream over the internet?
    If you want to broadcast, what country are you in?
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    depends on how good the qoloty
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    Guerilla radio

    Ah, an aspiring radio star. Thoughts of thousands of young, nubile people of the opposite sex, clinging to your every word...

    A very common aspiration, but go ahead and have your fun. The roolz:

    AM broadcasting: You're legally limited to 0.1 watt of transmitter power and a 10-foot antenna. That's good enough to get you a few blocks.

    FM broadcasting: You're legally limited to a power level that will get you a block or two, tops.

    Illegally high power: If the FCC catches you, they can confiscate and/or smash your equipment, and fine you or throw you in the clink.

    Going the whole high-power on-air route: Lotsa dough, if it's possible, and it probably isn't. Most available frequencies in most locations have been taken, decades ago. The FCC has rules which do not bend. Nowadays the necessary studies, applications, petitions etc are usually outsourced to consulting firms, which charge lotsa dough. If your application is approved, once again you do not want to do the technical stuff yourself - it's outsourced, and that's more dough.

    Webcasting: feasable, cheap, potentially unlimited audience. You're not likely to get a whole lot of listeners locally, but you'll get some in Sri Lanka, which is cool. There's no transmitter, all you have to worry about is the studio, and what to put on the air.

    Which is a whole 'nother topic, and this is already a long post.


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