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    Transfering video to computer

    Hi all,
    I am new to this forum so Hello. I am trying to get some video from my JVC DV800 to my laptop. I can't seem to find the disc that came with the camera so thats a problem. I am pretty sure I need a driver of some sorts. Where can I get the driver. I also heard that I cannot transfer through the USB, is this true? Will I need to go through the DV output? Any help would be great.


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    What program are you going to use to capture the footage from the camcorder?

    Yes, you will need to capture via Firewire as you have a MiniDV camcorder.
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    not sure if that cable came with it. I don't as of yet have any software for capturing the video. Any suggestions there would be great. The budget is tight this time of year so I won't be spending a lot. I guess I will need to find a cable somewhere. That shouldn't be to difficult. What else will I need. As you can tell I am pretty green when it comes to the video thing.

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    Hi Racetra

    All you need to capture your video is a firewire card in your laptop (check first it might even have one!!!) and a standard firewire cable.
    If you are on a really tight budget then, as long as you are using Windows you will find Windows MovieMaker which is a free package already installed on your computer.


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    Well, one down two to go. I do have movie maker. That will be a good start. I am leaving for a 5 day riden trip and was hopin to download video while I am there but it will have to wait til I get back. I will do some research on the card and a cable to get an idea as to the $$ amount.

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    Most newer laptops or desktop main boards have a firewire port built in so check if there is a socket there. The cable will cost just a few dollars!!



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