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    Pico Projectors

    Hello All -
    This is an edited version of the article I received. It had mentioned other things that I deemed unimportant for those in this forum. If anybody really wants to read the report, you can send me an email and I will happily send it along.

    So with 3D technology and small projectors on the rise, all those Sci-fi movies with 3D Heads-Up-Displays will be a reality (imho) for home?

    2008 Pico-Projector Report Update Available

    April 15, 2008 -- Insight Media has just released an updated edition
    of the 2008 Pico-Projector Market Segment Analysis - our second
    update since the report was released last November.

    This latest edition updates the technology competitive analysis for
    integrated and companion pico projectors. We did this after seeking
    additional input from the key providers and have restructured
    the analysis to provide more clarity in our rating definitions and
    thinking behind each assessment. These rankings and assessments
    are our opinion, but we have tried to be careful to layout our
    arguments so you can better judge the validity of these ratings. In
    addition, we need to also point out that these ratings do not
    represent the definitive assessment of an option, but a rough score
    on their viability.

    Pico projectors are tiny projectors that will be integrated into
    cell phones, smart phones, cameras, personal media players and other
    handheld or portable devices starting mostly in 2010. Somewhat
    larger versions, attached as companion projectors to these same
    products, will enter the market this year.
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    looking more into this now.....thanks for something to do for the rest of the day
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