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    Distortion with lav mic


    I keep getting a distorted 's' sound when recording voice. It sounds more like a 'sh' when anyone uses words that have an 's' in it.

    How do I get rid of this problem? I have tired a number of mics. My preferred type is a lav clip mic for practical reasons, but I just cannot get a decent undistorted sound. What am I doing wrong, or what additional equipment or techniques should I use?


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    sounds like a sibilence problem, u could use a de-esser or an eq with a compressor, but the first thing to do is just get an eq in line with the mic and work the 5k -8k region to try to minimize the over emphasis of this frequency range.

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    You may be overmodulating the transmitter. It's fairly important to set the modulation level right, because wireless links have limited dynamic range. Set it too low and you get background noise. Set it too high and you get distortion. I'd guess you have to open the transmitter and fiddle with the modulation level control.

    It's also possible that the output of the receiver is overloading the input of whatever mixer you're sending the signal to. Are you maybe feeding a line output into a mic input?

    If fiddling with level controls does absolutely nothing to change the sound, then you do have a sibilance problem which might be cured by lowering the treble control.

    Speaking of which - are you boosting the treble? One of the most pervasive myths in audio is that boosting treble leads to better speech clarity. Not! Treble gives you crispness, but clarity is in the midrange - specifically, in the 2kHz band. So if you're pushing up the high frequencies, you're giving yourself a sibilance problem and not obtaining better clarity. If you have a speech clarity problem, back off the treble and put a 3dB peak at 2.5kHz.


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