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    problems viewing regular dv footage

    i have a canon hv20 camera, and i'm trying to capture some footage taken by someone else. it is regular dv widescreen footage. i set my camera to dv widescreen, and it can play the video fine. when i try to listen to it though, the audio is not working at all. it sometimes comes through, but cuts out more than it plays. i tried changing the audio bitrate, and any other settings i could find, but nothing worked. i also tried capturing it into adobe premier pro 2 but the audio still doesn't work. does anyone know why this is happening, or how i can fix it? i need to capture and edit this stuff pretty soon if possible.

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    so does no one know what's wrong with this? if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, that would be great.

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    If I had an HV20 I would gladly help!!
    A good suggestion would be to ask for some assistance on the HV20 users forum ... I have never been there but apparently it pretty active and all the users have HV20's ....They should be able to solve your problem.

    Of course, BEFORE you blame your HV20 settings, try the tape in another DV camcorder and see if the problem is still there!! The tape or the camera that recorded it might be faulty.



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