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Thread: .WMA to .WAV

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    .WMA to .WAV

    I purchased a small .WMA royalty free music clip online. Before I could install the download, I had to install Microsoft's dmi license. Now it seems. because of this, that I cannot convert the clip I purchased to another format. What can I do to change this .WMA file to .WAV?

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    That's an interesting one. I don't know the answer but I'll try to find out. My gut instinct is that you won't be able to change the format but I could be wrong.

    It's a real bummer that more and more of these files are only available in winmedia format. Personally I'd never purchase such a file. If it's not available as a wav, I wouldn't pay for it.
    Dave Owen

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    Open Source and other

    There is a program called Audio Converter that might do exactly what you are looking for, however before buying this make absolutely to send an email and ask if it will indeed do wwhat you are expecting.

    You should also do a search on Open Source software and you will probably find a converter for this purpose.

    Hope this helps,


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