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    MP3 & Camcorders

    Don't get me wrong I'm not spamming.
    I'm in search for the best MP3 Player $500 and under. Besides iPod for obvious reasons. So far the best I've seen is
    I'm guessing this one will be around $400 for 250GB.
    If anyone has come across a good MP3 player as well please post.

    Also I'm just looking at Camcorders to record live shows. I want to use High Definition. Looking around and learning about them for a half hour the best I found is
    But if someone is better with Camcorders and actually knows something.
    Please post one that would be good for recording live but under $600.

    P.s I like the MP3 player before cause if your cam corder has a memory card you can just stick it in and rip it onto the mp3.

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    Hi guy,
    After looking your post,I think I could help you!
    Maybe the administrador will think I am a spamer,but to be honestly, I just want to help you out.because I have said I am a elecreonics dealer,talking about Mp3 and comcorder,I think I could recommend you some.if you are still going to buy pls click the following link!
    Good luck!!


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