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    Special effect

    Hi. I'm totally new in here. In movie making as well. I've got a question about one (I guess pretty simple) special effect. Unfortunately I have some trouble with it. We're making a short movie and a character has to walk a long road. It takes some time so I'd like to make it not that boring. I need an effect I've seen in few movies. While the guy is walking he should like fade-out in one place and fade-in near that place again. I guess I should do that with overlays, but maybe anyone know where I could find some more details or such clip? Thanks in advance.

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    Hmm... you can do in a rather simple way.

    During shoot, you have to shoot the long road without any persons in it for maybe 1/2 min. Let's call this clip 1. Hopefully no vehicles or moving objects too.

    Then have your talent walk the road. The entire length, depending on where you would like to end off. That's clip 2.

    All these have to shot with the camera mounted rock-steady on a tripod.

    During editing, use clip 1 as your base clip (see the 'continuous' video track 1 in attached picture). Cut the parts where you want your talent to appear. Edit those specific parts of clip 2 (so there'll be a couple of them placed as you want above clip 1, as seen in picture) and place them on video track 2. Just fade in - fade out the in/out of the various clip 2s (the gray 'tabs' with the alphabet 'f'). Whoala. you've got it. It looks roughly like this... Sorry that the picture was not very well taken, I just did a rough one to show you.

    Just take note not to have stray shadows when you shoot...
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    Thank you very much! You helped me a lot

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    Hi Simas
    Whenever you are moviemaking keep your movie pace up high. I see you already realise that filming the guy walking the entire road is a "no-no"!!

    Time compression is a very useful tool as well. Let the viewer assume things and then you can skip the need for sequential actions completely.
    Doing what you are doing is time compression and it's usually critical for keeping the viewers interest!! You could indeed show the guy walking past a sign on the road saying "Cabot Junction 40 miles" and then in the next few seconds show him (a little more sweaty now) walking past a sign saying "Cabot Junction 10 miles".
    A lot of moviemakers do not use the fact that viewers assume what will happen next and it's a powerful tool!! Film someone snatching a set of keys off the table and slamming the door as they exit ...then cut to a vehicle speeding away and the viewer will automatically assume that the person that picked up the keys is the driver!!!

    Good luck with your movie...think about posting it online too so we can all have a look!!


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    Yup, that's another great way to condense your intentions with the least amount of frames. You see that done in most movies, so examples are by and large.

    You can try the earlier one for learning and (possibly) to fulfill what you have intended to do. Try what Chris shared while you plan for another setting. It'll be pretty neat.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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    Hi Nagar
    your original method will work just fine and it's the effect he is looking for too!! I just mentioned the time compression as an alternative and as a general hint.

    Simas, if your NLE does chromakey you can also just film the road and then film your actor behind a green screen (walking towards it). Drop the bit of footage into the road footage and key out the green, then duplicate the clip, resize it smaller (to keep perspective) and place it "further along" the road on the timeline. If you just crossfade the clip, your guy will only have to walk a few feet!!! However Nagar's tripod method is the least challenging technically!!!

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    Thanks for advices. I'll try my best.


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