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    Another transparency idiot

    Hi all. I have purchased several lineart images from istockphoto. I am allowed to make changes to them... and I would love to have them all be on transparent backgrounds. I do not own Adobe Photoshop... but I found where I could download Serif's PhotoPlus 6.0 for free. It has several of those features, and the transparent images that I do have are perfectly editable.

    Anywho, I have tried the beautiful instructions posted on here, but it leaves the inside of the image still opaque. A perfect stranger on another forum made the transparent images that I have, but I hate to overdemand on his generosity. Anyone have the time to make a few transparent images for me?

    If yeah, give me an email?

    Thanks bunches, all!


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    Hey all...

    nevermind, I fixed it!


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    LOL glad you fixed your problem
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