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    Introduction, questions, pictures..

    First off, greetings to all. I'm Jake-- I haven't really browsed the forums too extensively (although I have been through a few pages). I did however read a lot of the information given on the main website. My conclusion: Looks like a really great community with a lot to offer.

    On to the questions. First off, the camera I'm using is a JVC GR-DVL1200. It seems to be an extremely uncommon model.

    This is actually a DVL725 (not a DVL1200) but from this image it looks the exact same. (Thanks Google images).

    Here are two still images extracted from video captured into Final Cut.

    Problem #1:

    Notice the noise in the image? This was even taken under very extreme lighting conditions. A super bright light was pointed directly at the subject.

    Problem #2:

    Notice the (for lack of better words) horizontal waviness taking place here? It's REALLY bad in the actual video as opposed to a picture, but you see what I mean. I'm 110% sure it is NOT like this in the camera.

    I'm using the manual settings on the camera, here's a basic rundown of how I've got it setup:

    Program AE - Set to OFF
    Available parameters on this include shutter 1/60, shutter 1/100, sports, sepia, twilight, etc.
    Exposure - Set to MANUAL: +6 (maximum)
    White Balance - Outside shots set to "cloud", inside usually set to "halogen".
    Other available options are auto, fine, and MWB.
    Gain Up - Set to OFF (off/agc/auto)

    Those are the only manually adjustable settings. There is also a manual focus, but you have to use the menu 'scroller' (almost exactly like a mouse wheel). The manual focus proves to be quite cumbersome unless it's mounted on a tripod filming one subject that stays inside the focus area.

    Any tips for me? It would be greatly appreciated!

    I am trying to save up for a new camera as well, maybe some recommendations for something in the $500-$1000 range. I know, that's not a lot, but I don't have huge funding.


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    Oh, and one more question. With the above settings, is there really any way to obtain a very small depth of field. (So when focused on one thing, everything else is extremely blurred).

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    Hi Jake

    If seems like your camera is grabbing it's stills from the actual digital video so that means that your shot is interlaced. What you need to do is just de-interlace the image in any popular photo imaging software. I use Paintshop Pro and just use the default setting under "Remove Noise" and the software usually removes the odd fields and the lines will be gone. The other noise also seems to indicate that they grab interlaced video and again PSP will be able to remove it for you.

    You cannot get really effective depth of field from a video camera cos although the lens will probably have sufficient F stops, the DOF relies on the target size too and most camcorders have small chips!!! Domestic as small as 1/6" compared to top pro machines with 2/3rd " chips!!

    My Panasonic GS500 has what they call "tele macro" and this creates a fairly good DOF BUT only with objects 12" away or less!!!
    If you are looking for DOF solutions then read my information page on DOF on my website (you will find it with the DOF rig on the page below) That better explains what controls Depth of field

    Hope this all helps


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    Ah, thanks for the reply! The interlacing problem seems to be solved if I capture via DV. If I capture via A/V (from my old HI8 camera), I get terrible interlacing.. (Thanks for the term).

    I will definitely check out your website. My camera also has "Tele macro" in the manual functions but I thought that was something as irrelevant as "wipe/fader".

    The only thing that still puzzles me is the noise issue. If there is a dark area, to me it should just show up as a dark color, without a bunch of extra noise.

    Thanks for your help!

    I've been using camcorders for as long as I can remember, but I've just recently started getting serious about it. I've been taking footage every day and practicing with shooting. I'm confident that once I'm able to come up with decent quality footage (on the computer) that I'll be ready to make some cool productions. I have experience with video editing in premiere & final cut, and I used to be a professional freelance web-designer. Basically, I'm very familiar with coloring, graphics, and many aspects that could be considered "shared" between the many art forms in media.
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