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    I'm glad things turned out ok 4 u
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    For some who value reputation, troubles that lawsuits/charges bring (long time and costly) and hopefully fairness, the News Director did a fine job 'sweeping up the pieces' there.

    Thanks for sharing and updating the folks here, Mr. Le Fevre
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    Thanks for sharing the result, this is indeed a useful thread for others who could potentially find themselves in a similar situation. Credit must certainly go to Mr. Y and his pragmatic approach in sorting it out.
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    Situation resolved

    Just a final post and I think this topic can be closed and perhaps pinned for future reference by others.

    In spite of the hurdles thrown up regarding payment, Channel X made payment today via PayPal. The money is now (almost) in the bank.

    I think the fact that they were named and shamed on this and another couple of forums also helped push them into being more reasonable - that and the fact that they had used the vision to start with.

    Forums such as this and b-roll are one of the few low-cost tools freelancers have at their disposal in a situation like this and I'd especially like to thank the moderators for not censoring the names or identities in this thread.

    While I've learnt a lesson about when it comes to dealing with new clients, there was some valuable information from some members of b-roll - particularly regarding the roll the US DA could play - that I think are of benefit to every freelancer.

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    network passed my vision to another network?

    Recently i sent vision to my usual TV news networks, someone sent it on to another network i have no agreement with. I only found out from a friend, looked up their website and there was my vision.

    So i ring them and say , i need to sent you an invoice. Well its been some time now and im getting worried. I just sent them a reminder email, and will wait before plan B.

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    Perhaps in the future you could make a standard rates card and make sure they agree to it before you hand over rights to the footage.



    dossier surendettement

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