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    Using javascript?

    I have been told that I shouldn't use javascript on my web pages because some people don't have it enabled. How true is this?

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    It's true to some extent, but the real issue is what you use JavaScript for.

    If you use it for a critical feature such as a navigation menu, be very careful. Test thoroughly on different browsers to make sure it works. And most importantly, provide a text-based alternative for those people (and search engines) who don't enable JavaScript.

    To be honest though, you shouldn't really use JavaScript for important page elements if you can avoid it.

    If you want to use it for some other feature which doesn't matter as much, then you can be less concerned. People who don't enable JavaScript are used to missing out on features and it's a decision they've made, so don't worry too much about them. Just make sure the page functions acceptably with or without the feature.
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