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    I am looking for some software to make a web gallery. I bought coffeeshop flash photo gallery. It does exactly everything I want except it doesnt allow you to have the generated files (html, xml, swf and the gallery photos folder) saved to a seperate directory than the one in which the page you want to create a gallery on is in.

    If there is software out there that could achieve this or indeed any other method, please get back to me.


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    Just a very quick note before I tackle your other thread... if you're on an Apache server it may be possible to set up the software you have using mod_rewrite. You might be able to set up rewrite rules to trick the gallery software into thinking the files are in the same folder, but physically they are stored elsewhere.

    Just a thought - it may or may not be something you can use.
    Dave Owen

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    Show it us where you've failed, Don... trying to understand what might actually be troubling you and determine a solution likewise to it is total Sci-Fi to me.

    Dave has suggested something really decent, but I'm not sure if you're able to cope with it.. mainly because I'm not sure what your problem is..

    As for galleries, I believe Adobe has the widest range of solutions.. have you tried checking for them in PS?

    best regards;
    - kunter ilalan web designer
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