Welcome to the MC Altair Support Forum. We welcome any comments, bug reports, suggestions, etc.

  • Although this player is quite simple to set up, you should have a basic understanding of how websites work before trying to install the media player. If you don't know how to upload files or insert HTML code, check out our Internet tutorials first.
  • This forum is for the MC Altair Media Player, not any other media players.

To ask for help, please follow these guidelines:

(1) In most cases it's better to start a new thread rather than replying to an existing one.
(2) Be specific about the problem. Describe exactly what happens, any error messages you see, etc.
(3) Describe your setup, especially any changes you have made to file names and paths, etc.
(4) And finally, the most helpful thing you can do is show us the URL of the player on your site (it's okay even if you are new - we make an exception to the general forum rule here). Most problems can be quickly identified if we can see them in action. Don't be shy or think that people will laugh at your noobness - many people who use the player are amateurs and no-one will judge your content.