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    CODEC beginner question

    Hello, I am new to video camera's. I do not yet own a video camera or even a good TV or Bluray disc player.

    I am a bit fortunate in starting from scratch as I have not yet made any mistakes. The TV I will buy will be 1080p and I will buy a PS3 because it is both the Bluray player and the video game console.

    Now,.on to the camera. I have been researching for about 2 months now.
    I would like to buy something like the Canon HG-10. This is a 1080/24p, flash memory camera. However! I looked up the specs on the AVCHD format (at a wiki site) and discovered that this format records only in 720p and 1080i formats. I am having trouble understanding why this format is used if the camera itself is capable of capturing a 1080p image. Can anyone here help me with that please?

    Also, I read a posting by Chris H in this forum that suggests a person might want to consider buying a camera using MiniDV and upgrade later when the technology is sorted out. The Canon HV20's are on sale at my local shop. I understand that it uses an HDV format which is the MPEG2 codec. I could not find enough specs on this codec to find out if it can record in 1080p.
    Thus my question is this: Which is the better? MPEG2 or AVCHD or should I look for a different format all-together?

    The most important feature for me is to be able to play back and watch my recordings in full 1080p once I get my LCD or Plasma and also record the video to a Bluray disc so my family members can also enjoy full 1080p recordings. If this requires purchasing a duo or quad core computer, then that is no problem as my computer also needs upgrading and they have really come down in price.

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    Hi Peter
    I purely suggested that the person in question go for MiniDV first as they had no HD gear. In your case, if you can afford it then go for it. The HV20 as far as I know does 1080p but if you are going the whole way you should be looking at the HV30 now!!

    On AVCHD the appeal of a tapeless camera is nice. However make your own mind up!! I own only Pansonic gear so I naturally visit the Panasonic Forum. Here is a link to the AVCHD section. You can read and decide. (I see that one regular user has just bought an AVCHD cam and sold his HV20)

    For AVCHD you will definately have to look at a quad core and a really decent video card too!!! Careful!!! only some NLE's support AVCHD!!


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    i would start of with MiniDV cameras then slowly progress your way up. Also studying a Media course would be a wise move

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    There is no hard and fast rule to it. Some people owns the most expensive gears, and the action stops there... others buy the cheapest, but 'milks the cow till it's dry'.

    My call if it's a Canon (tape), a HV30. The product brochure is sitting beneath my laptop as I'm typing this! It is comparable to the dearer Sony HDR-C9E and based on an initial handling of both.

    Tapeless is the near-future in the present. Just be sure how you want to store your stuff. I noted the current IT market's throwing discounts and freebies on DVD readers/writers so I guess the next baby's coming... now in birth pains.. Bluray being more affordable? Not until 1-2 years.

    As usual, from Gandalf, 'All we have to decide is what to do with the time that we are given.'

    Decide. And let the good people here know your decision. We're waiting
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore


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