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    Forum Upgrade Complete

    Well, more or less complete. I'm still tidying a few things up but basically the upgrade is done. Here are some of the new features:

    - Improved member profile pages, including public visitor messages and 'conversation' feature.
    - Facility for user-created social groups (if anyone wants them let me know).
    - More friendship options between users.
    - Add tags to threads for easier searching & organisation.
    - Search cloud / tag cloud.
    - Users can create picture galleries (see your profile page).
    - Lightbox viewer for attached images.

    I have also expanded the support forums for the MC Media Player and added a project management system. This should help greatly in managing future development of the player.

    As always with a big upgrade, there are likely to be a few quirks and bugs. Please let me know if you spot anything amiss.
    Dave Owen

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    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the upgrade! Appreciate it and looking forward to try some of them (if I can understand how to do it ha...)
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    Loong . Singapore

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    I like the looks and functionality of the new upgrades.
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