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    My Transparent Gif won't work. Help!

    I followed the procedure to make the white background transparent. It worked. My gif image is now transparent. I take the gif over to my webpage. The gif won't move! What am doing wrong ?

    I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0

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    Sounds like the animation got "flattened" into one frame. This happens a lot - if you open an animated GIF in a program like Photoshop it gets treated like a still image.

    I'm not too familiar with PS Elements (I use PS ImageReady for animations) so I'm guessing a bit. I do know that PS Elements can export animated gifs (File > Save For Web) but I'm not sure how it handles importing and manipulating them. I don't even know if it's possible to do this or not. You could try the "Save for web" option and see what happens. There's an animation checkbox somewhere in the save window I think.

    Do you still have the original animated GIF? If so, can you upload it with your reply? (Click the "Manage Attachments" button below.)
    Dave Owen


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