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    internet TV in web page

    Hi all of you,
    I am unclear about internet TV technology. I also see some TV online channels but i don't know and understand why they can see real time.
    I see they use Flash, I think the input for Flash player are flash files with flash's format as swt, flv,.. So, what will be the output of Channels of TV ? can you help me !? Or for me links to read detail them.
    Because, i am build website for TV online with some channels. But i don't understand Why Viewer (maybe flash, window media at client) can understand TV signal channel.
    Please help me. Thank you so much !!

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    What you're asking is quite an advanced topic. If you're serious about this you'll almost certainly want to hire some professional help.

    There are numerous ways to get a live TV channel onto the web. You'll need to consider things like your budget, any platform preferences/limitations, and of course copyright clearance for the content. You really need a professional advisor to guide you through these things.

    Personally I like the Flash video server although I'm not actually using it at the moment. This can take a live video feed (from just about any source) and format it for your streaming server.
    Dave Owen


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