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    need advice- attaching converted clip to email

    I just downloaded a video clip from DVD to my computer successfully, but cannot get my e mail to attach it. It shows a 'cannot display' page when attempting to do so. Tried AVI and 2 different MPG formats without success. Any ideas?

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    Hi Timc

    I very much doubt whether any email server will be able to send either an avi or MPG file. Most ISP's limit email attachments to 3mb so you will have to convert the video to something like a WMV video file so it's small enough to send via email


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    Most ISP's limit email attachments to 3mb
    It ought be 10mb worth of attachments per email nowadays. Anything bigger, you can use

    It will help if you can convert your video file to .mp4 or divX. Small and good.

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    try splitting it up with winrar or winzip then you can send it in chunks

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    Another option could be to use youtube or something similar, using a private video setting.
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