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    Will somebody tell me how to record using a computer?

    I play acoustic guitar, and screw around with beats on a computer. I want to get an apple, and go pro-tools. But where do I start? And what's the best thing to do? By the way... I really don't know anything about it.

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    That's quite a broad question. Do mean mean how do you start using pro-tools, or how do you start buying an Apple?

    I'm not an Apple user so I won't be much help but I do think you've got the right idea. It's an expensive first step though. Have you done much recording before?
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    My suggestion would be to not spend the money on a Pro Tools system quite yet. However, you can with your PC download Adobe Audition (formerly know as Cool Edit Pro) for just a few hundred dollars. You can even just use your computers sound card and and not worry about purchasing an I/O. I would suggest not scrimping any money on microphones. If your guitar has a pick-up then you can just go line level and fore go the mic altogether.

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    pro tools is great but theres other things for cheaper that are just as good.. for instance cakewalk sonar.. wich has almost the same features as pro tools.. adobe audition is kinda the runt of the group in my opinion.. good wav editing but not something id use to record an album. you could check out cubase too. for those you could use a pc wich could be built or bought for much cheaper than a mac. pro tools is great but expensive and so are macs. u could get into a pc setup for muh less. line out of your guitar isnt necessarily the best way, you might get a better sound micing it with a condensor mic, it really all depends on what sound you want. my friend has a really nice taylor wich we mic with 2 condensors and it sounds better than the line out.. search on the internet and youll find alot of info on this. is a good place to go for info also. (this forum is good too, but i dont think its dedicated to JUST audio recording)


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